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The Double D Podcast

Apr 10, 2015

You can thank Chuy D for the title of this one.  He uttered these words when we asked him to eat some sticky, stinky dried squid.

We ate and drank a lot of weird shit this episode, thanks in no small part to a couple road trips.  We recount our recent visits to Tucson and Phoenix and all the goodies we brought back with us, as well as the Luckyman concert where we saw NOFX, Rancid, the Offspring and A Day to Remember.  We play an intense game of Movie Mayhem and hand out some prizes and consume all kinds of goodies.  We also call Cousin Dave to get the scoop on a special appearance happening in his store in May.

Lastly, we once again tackle our Tournament of the Best TV Theme Song ever, this time the Instrumental bracket.  Contestants included Taxi, Miami Vice, Night Court, Sanford & Son as well as others.  Listen to the end to see who joins Ren and Stimpy in the Elite Eight!