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The Double D Podcast

Jan 30, 2012

Tom and  Tom and  Tom and  How many times can we stress that it is very important that you go to Tom and and subscribe to their show and download as many episodes as possible?  Help Zen win that trip to Orlando!

Anyway, as far as OUR show goes, it's all about Hazel Jones, the British...

Jan 23, 2012

Joe Fellers joins us from sunny Kingman, Arizona and, like all his previous visits, this show runs a little long.  So bonus: this show is about an extra hour of pure, delicious gravy.

So what's with the album art for episode 63?  Why are there toilet paper dolls in the picture?  You'll have to just listen to find out,...

Jan 19, 2012

Literally.  We spin some records this episode, so prepare your ears for some interesting tuneage.  Also, we're back in the groove in that the holidays are over, the cast is healthy and we are finally back on the air.

Topics include: Mississippi Mud Black and Tan, Flagstaff's New Years Pine Cone Drop, Why Arizona...