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The Double D Podcast

Video Highlights from Episode 70 - Cinco de Double Patrick's Day

Apr 1, 2012

These videos have been posted on our Facebook page for a few days, but I just remembered that not everyone who listens to our show is a "Fan" on Facebook, so I'm posting them here also for everyone to enjoy.  To be a more educated Booblet or Borracho, click "Like" over at

So there are four video clips to share with you today.

This first one shows just how bad the level of inebriation got during our Ping Pong tournament.  While playing our doubles games, opposing players could sink beer pong balls into other players beer cups, forcing them to step away from the table and chug  before they could resume playing, with no Time Out and the play continuing.  Needless to say, a LOT of beer was consumed this way.  

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Continuing a tradition of Live Music in the studio, The Rivals made their debut on Episode 70.   Chuy D on acoustic guitar and vocals, Cousin Dave on bass and Drunk Cardo on percussion, which that night consisted of an empty beer box and a beer bottle.

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Cardo continued to stand out as a heavy contributor (pun intended) this show when he cobbled together this limerick about Maria Conchita Lupita Gonzalez.

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Finally, it wouldn't be a Double D Podcast without Mexican Word of the Day, this time assisted by Daniel Duran, Cousin Dave and Cardo.

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