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The Double D Podcast

Aug 10, 2010

We Double Down this episode by doubling the number of damn dudes hosting the podcast from dos to cuatro.  Shane Dween, mentioned many times in previouse episodes, finally joins us as does another friend and co-worder who goes by the nickname C.C. Rider.  C.C., a homebrewer and super-host, opens up his house, his fridge and many bottles of his specialty home-brewed Berry Ale for the podcast this week.   A big shout out goes out to him for his hospitality.

While this episode is hilarious thanks to the expanded cast, there were some unexpected snafus that cropped up and kept this from being a perfect show.  Foolishly we used a setup we had never used before and some untested equipment.  The raw recording was almost unlistenable, it was so filled with static and buzzing.  We cleaned it up the best we could but do apologize for having a less than perfect show to present this week.  Give it a listen, though, because on the strength of C.C.'s Berry Ale we had one of the funnest and funniest shows yet.

Shane Dween was quizzed on his knowledge of Jimmie Johnson and Ricky Bobby quotes, C.C. was quizzed on his knowledge of Microbrews and Ray quizzed us all on what exactly constitutes gay sex.  The Professor (see album art) settled last episodes bet on what company introduced the first light beer and when and we played a hilarious voice mail from Cousin Dave.  How exactly are NASCAR fans like Twilight fans?  We have a top 5 list to show you the similarities. 

After listening to this episode we think you'll have to agree that Shane and C.C. should return sometime in the future under better recording conditions because they are truly funny dudes.


eight and a half years ago

Great show! You guys talk about some of the most off the wall shit! Look forward to future recordings! Thanks for the shout out..."cute as a bug"?...really? LOL