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The Double D Podcast

Aug 5, 2010





















We're living the High Life this week.  Literally.  As we drink our Miller High Life, the conversation naturally turns to Wisconson and breweries and Laverne and Shirley.  Shotz Beer.  Lenny and the Squigtones.   Making love to a giant marionette leads to splinterdick.

Once again, we cover Miller's Give a Vet a Taste of the High Life program.  Read about it at

The High Life Guy commercials and the old Errol Morris directed Miller commercials.



Deviled Eggs vs. Avocados.  Which is more gross.  The Girl in the Moon and Peeking in the Box.

Music - Los Angeles

Second Segment.  It never rains in Southern California but in Flagstaff it pours.  Flooding.  Kayaking down Beaver Street.  SoCal vacation wrapup.  The Ocean is cool, but why does it have to be so full of fish?  Sea World's best show has ZERO animals in it.  X Games 16.  Moto X Best Trick contest highlights with Cam Sinclair and Paris Rosen.




True L.A. flavor - Thugs and Winos.  Ray parties with one-legged homeless dudes.  Warheads vs. Atomic Fireballs.

Music - Have Faith in Me

Third Segment.  Pelon Pelo Rico.  Mexican candy and grocery stores.  Luau Pig.  Koreatown.  Professor Van der Liquor explains "ice" beers and the ice brewing process.  The Ice Cream Man.  The Waka Man.  The best treats to have at Dairy Queen.

Music - Ra Ra Ra

Last Segment.  Ray's pictures from Stacy Lynn.  PSA.  We reach out to our listening public to help Flagstaff resident Collin Hamilton who is suffering from stage 3 colon cancer.  A benefit will be held locally at The Museum Club on September 26th.  More details in upcoming episodes.

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Music - Eye of Fatima