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The Double D Podcast

Jul 13, 2010

Double D - Depressed and Disappointed . . . mainly with the Dutch and the sudden end to their run at the FIFA World Cup title.  We briefly mourn (or at least Zen does) their loss to the Dirty Spanish in the Final but then quickly move on to more entertaining subjects.

In Old Business, we revisit Ray's mention of Miller High Life's Bottle Caps for the Troops program.  We finally get the details correct and hope you all will support this worthy program like we plan to.  Hey, at the very least it's a good excuse to drink some beer.  Speaking of beer, during the recording of this episode we were drinking Heineken, brewed with care and passion in Holland.  And speaking of Holland, Professor Van der Liquor pays us another visit to clear up the mystery of why beer will overflow when you tap the top of a bottle with the bottom of another bottle.  

The heart of the episode centers around Schoolyard Rhymes and Taunts.  We really get to the origin story of our current juvenile behavior by examining the poems and songs we chanted as children that made us the man-child podcasters we are today.  It all starts with "Milk, milk, lemonade . . ." and goes downhill from there.  When we run out of schoolyard rhymes that we personally can recall, we go to our old friend the internet to round out the show.  We read from The Global Schoolyard Rhyme Project located at and enjoy some raunchy, offensive and just plain confusing taunts from around the world.

To close out the show we visit another Miller Lite Man Law:


We also bid farewell to a friend and colleague, Dr. Driggs.  Stagger Lee by Nick Cave at the end of the show is dedicated to him.

At times juvenile, wildly offensive and outright racist and sexist, this is Episode 6.  Enjoy!

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