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The Double D Podcast

Jun 8, 2010


Welcome to the very first episode of The Double D Podcast!  You may be wondering what Double D stands for.  At it's most basic it stands for the hosts, Diaz and DeHoag.  But it also means much more.  Dos Dudes.  Down and Dirty.  Deliberately Dumb.  Double Down.  Designated Drunks.  Drunk and Disorderly.  Developmentally Disabled.  You get the idea.  The Double D podcast is a weekly gathering to enjoy some drinks, tell some jokes, reminisce and have a good time.  Recorded every Sunday night, the Double D is a companion podcast to The Zen and Peace Show.


 In this, our inaugural episode, we lay the groundwork for what we hope will be a regular thing on the show.  We drink a lot and fly without a map.  Without an agenda whatsoever we find ourselves talking a lot about beer, women and sports.  We touch on our favorite brews of all time, what makes a good beer commercial, how sports teams can break our hearts (and I am talking about you, Flyers), how we would prefer to be executed, whether bulls on the PBR circuit have names that sound TOO much like Gay Porn Movie titles and we remember a television show from the eighties that has claimed the lives of half of it's cast.  It's episode 1 and we hope it's only the start of a wonderful thing.  Kick back, crack open a cold one and enjoy!


One last thing.  Although this is a companion podcast and part of the same feed as The Zen and Peace Show, we do have a seperate email address for this show.  If you'd like to write us and tell Ray that he is completely wrong about the band Journey, send it to:


(to download this episode as an mp3, right-click on the direct download link and select "Save As")