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The Double D Podcast

Aug 16, 2010

Longtime supporter of the show Cousin Dave Diaz joins the show this week for a long anticipated episode that celebrates beer, porn and football, the three pillars of American society.  In fact, it is only three minutes into the recording that we started talking about pornography.  Brooke Lee Adams.  Jesse Jane.  Two of our favorite performers.  Do a Google Image search.

This week we partook in some Tilt Malt Beverage Energy Drink, Happy Camper IPA, Pinstripe Red Ale, Buster Nut Brown Ale and True Blonde Ale all three from the Ska Brewing Company, Twisted Tea Half and Half and some leftover Natural Ice.

Cousin Dave listens to several podcasts besides the Double D and recommends The Bill Burr Monday Morning Podcast.  That would be "Monday", not "Money" like Zen thought.

We turn our discussion to age, courtesy of Zen's upcoming 37th Birthday.  Is age a state of mind?  How old were each of us respectively when we first discovered that we were "the old guy" in a group of friends?

This is 'Merica.  Its not Futbol, it's football.  The Cincinnati Bungles.  Why we hate the Dallas Cowboys.

Zen's Childhood Traumatic Story #1 - Marcos and the Cowboys.

Fishbowl, courtesy of Sandpaper Love

Viagra Talk, as a result of a question from our friend Beantown.  Is Viagra popular in the gay community?

Zen's Childhood Traumatic Story #2 - Middle School P.E. Boner

More gay talk - is "poking" on facebook acceptable among heterosexual males?  We proclaim the only 3 times when it is acceptable to poke another man.

Bi-Polar Bears, courtesy of Stuyvesant


Jihad Me At HelloStuyvesant
"Bi-Polar Bears" (mp3)
from "Jihad Me At Hello"
(Dromedary Records)

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The ridiculous statement that it is gay to watch anything BESIDES lesbian porn.  We debunk this one quickly.  Point of View Porn.  When it comes to dirty movies, sharing is caring.  The types of porn we DON'T like.  The Crooked Hooter Channel, or descrambling Spice.  

Zen's Childhood Traumatic Story #3 - Straight Up Now Tell Me

Wheelchair and Amputee Porn.  Midget Porn.  Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Friday Night (Live), courtesy of Los Lonely Boys


Live At Blue Cat Blues - Dallas TexasLos Lonely Boys
"Friday Night" (mp3)
from "Live At Blue Cat Blues - Dallas Texas"
(Blue Cat Blues Records)

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Progressively drunker voice mails from Jeff Smith.  Facebook Fan Page Shout-Outs to Jera Diaz, Jesca Rene and crybaby Lawrence Duran.

Final Song, I Am Not Robot, courtesy of The Phenomenauts


Electric Sheep: Electronic Extended PlayThe Phenomenauts
"I Am Not Robot" (mp3)
from "Electric Sheep: Electronic Extended Play"
(Silver Sprocket)

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Ray's Pig Joke.