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The Double D Podcast

Mar 23, 2014

Hey!  We didn't record a regular episode this week, but we think we have something special to share with you that is just as good.  Three of us journeyed down the mountain from Flagstaff to Cottonwood to see our buddy Mark and his band The Clam Tostada perform at the Main Stage.  While we drove down we hit record on the ol' smartphone and recorded a show for you.  It's unconventional, it's not the best sound quality, but it's raw, uncut and a taste of what it's like to be stuck in a car on I-17 for 45 minutes with Zen and Ray.  We talked about colostomy bags a lot for some reason . . .


Here's a little taste of The Clam Tostada from that very show we attended.  Thanks to Misty Nowak for uploading this video.




Bonus!  Wanna own The Clam Tosatada's debut album?  The first two people to email us at or to comment on our Facebook page with the answer to the following question will receive a CDBaby Download Card with a code good for a digital download of their entire album Amusing Neanderthals.


What creek do we drive over at the end of this show?