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The Double D Podcast

Mar 18, 2011

I cut the whole first segment out of the show.  Why?  Two words - Charlie Sheen.  It seemed topical and interesting at the time of the broadcast, but as we all know it was the fastest internet meme to jump the shark EVER.  Within a week every podcast, blog, talk show and news outlet had played it TO DEATH.  Kids were holding up "Duh, Winning" signs at WWE wrestling events.  By the time I got around to editing this show for release, it all seemed old and antiquated.  So I cut it out.  Fuck Charlie Sheen.

Anyway, the show opens with a little AC/DC, thanks to a suggestion by themediocrefatass in our chat room.  Thanks, Jay.  The first segment flies by in about 7 minutes, thanks to the aforementioned cuts.  After the first break, we get into the real meat of the show - Gnomespotting.  It's a little game we've been playing on Facebook and on our cell phones.  Real simple, snap a picture of a gnome and post it or MMS it to your friends.  It's now expanded to include lawn jockeys, ceramic mexicans and all sorts of lawn accoutrements.  We argue over racist gnomes, Hitler gnomes, KKK gnomes and introduce a new hippie word:  Birkenstomping.

The second seg ends with a quick discussion of Back to the Future, and whether Doc Brown would have been disappointed with his original plans to jump forward into the future 25 years from November 5th, 1985.   That's 2010 for you math wiz kids out there.  We guess he might have been pretty let down, that is until we showed him internet porn.

The third segment, after a little Mexican candy, winds its way toward porn video games.  From humble beginnings on Spam Mountain and stick figure nudists on the Atari 2600, through it's akward adolescence in Leisure Suit Larry and early Flash Games, all the way to it's glorious adulthood now in games like Grand Theft Auto IV, adult content in video games has been a weird, wild trip.  The topic gets sidetracked when Ray tells the best story he's ever told in the history of this podcast.  It's worth listening all the way through the show to get to this gem.  8mm film and early stag movies played on the wall of his house.  Yeah.

It's episode 31 of the Double D and we hope you enjoy it!

(our thoughts and prayers are with Maria Conchita Lupita Gonzales.  may she find her way home)


over eight years ago

I really like your horney gnomes! haha