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The Double D Podcast

Oct 9, 2013

So, this one starts out a little slow, unless, of course, you like a lot of sports talk.  If you do, you're gonna love the first 25 minutes of this episode because for whatever reason we talk a lot of sports.  Why baseball is boring as hell.  Flagstaff sports teams.  If you wanna skip the first segment altogether, it won't hurt my feelings.  It's not bad, it's just a lot of sports.

At this point in the show, in between the first and second segments, things completely break down.  And by "completely break down" I mean "Zen forgot to turn the mics back on after the break and a hilarious 5 minutes of mariachi talk is lost forever."  We try to salvage what was lost, and after we talk about guitarrons for a little bit, we spend the next 40 minutes or so completely recapping everything that went down at Zen's 40th birthday party.  If you were there, it'll be fun to relive it in the retelling, if you weren't there give it a listen and let us know if it was a successful party or not.

In the final segment, we talk about the Mars One project and how it's cheaper for Mexicans to go to Mars than any other race.  Ray is all ready to blast off.

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