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The Double D Podcast

Feb 4, 2013

After an extended holiday break, we are back, and in force.  Dave Diaz and Daniel Duran both find their way back into the studio, but there were not enough microphones to go around so Dave and Ray shared a mic and Richard and Daniel tag-teamed the other one.  What we did have, however, was plenty of beer to go around for everyone.  Before the show began, everyone was given the assignment of going out and getting a beer that represented themselves.

Ray brought in two brews, one called "Maximus" and the other called "Seduction."  Dave brought "400 Pound Monkey" and "Lagunitas Sucks."  Richard brought in Rock Star, which isn't a beer, and "Ruthless" which is.  Daniel brought in "Hop Stoopid" and "Mama's Little Yella Pils."  Finally, Zen drank "Phuket."  Pretty accurate all around.  Many beers were slammed and then passed around.  After everybody had tried them all, the winner was a tie between "Hop Stoopid," a creamy IPA, and Lagunitas Sucks, a variation of the popular "Brown Suga" by Lagunitas.

Everybody got pretty happy after that and the conversation went all over the place, from gay bars to porn stars, and from banana peels to March Madness Babes.  We even brought back YouTube, this time in honor of "GLUDs", which are women who are "Good Looking Upside Down."  So here is Upside Down Boobs.

Finally, we whittled down our March Madness of Babes 2012 down to two hot finalists.  Finally.  Only 10 months late.  So look for our clickable voting poll on our website to help us decide who should be Ms. Double D 2012!

Download, enjoy and share around.  Always free to copy and give away and tell others about.

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