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The Double D Podcast

Jan 7, 2013

During this pre-Christmas episode, recorded in early December, we begin by arguing the popularity of whiskey vs. tequila in the United States, as expressed by the number of distilleries of each.  Then we hit the cheap alcohol, which this week is Natty Ice.  For Richard it is much more than Natty Ice as he plays catch up on all the bum wines he missed on previous episodes.

Next we talk hunting maps and boxing matches between Filipinos and Mexicans.  Then it's on to our titular hero: Long Dong Silver.  We learn that not only was he NOT an Asian, as his name would suggest, but he also wasn't as large as we thought.  Turns out ol' Long Dong was pretty much a phony all around.

Other topics and subjects covered:

- Best porn categories

- Why midgets don't have flat butts

- Ray's audio version of Native Porn

- The taste of water revisited

- The Apocalypse

- How deep is a woman?

- Ray's neighbor's Word of the Day

Not to mention the fact that Little Richard himself called in to sing us a little Christmas music!  Bonus for this show:  apparently we went off the air right around the 1 hour and 5 minute mark, and originally we planned to cut the audio of us trying to get back on air out, but instead we have left it in so you can hear us for the first time scrambling to fix things.  Enjoy!

(to download the mp3 of this show, right-click the Direct Download link below and select "Save As")