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The Double D Podcast

Oct 22, 2012

What does it take to earn your Scarlet "D"?  Tonight we take that timid first step down the path that will lead us to being Town Drunks . . . Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill wine.  This chilled delight was purchased by Zen at the local Wal-Mart for $2.99 and represents the first of many "Bum Drinks" we will imbibe so that we may rightfully wear our "D" and truly call this the Double D Podcast.

Ray accuses Zen of sounding like Ernest Borgnine.  Ray remembers him from the Poseiden Adventure, but for everyone born after 1970, he is better remembered as the doorman on the 90's sitcom "The Single Guy"

After slugging down some Boone's with the help of some beer goggles, we talk about RCPM's song "Jack Vs. Jose" and it's tale of the eternal battle between Tequila and Whiskey.  We talk about our favorite liquors and how regional differences affect what booze a person prefers. 

Richard then tells about his damn dog, and how it's desire to run free might lead him to thousands of dollars in fines and some jail time.

Did you know Bob Marley was reincarnated, and now lives on in the body of the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg?  Neither did Zen, which is why Ray had to educate him about Snoop Lion, the smooth reggae artist behind the following song, La La La.

We close out the show with a litlle Hollywood or Porn, this time with the guys guessing whether an audio clip comes from the well known Harry Potter series, or from the lesser known movie Hairy Twatter.

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