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The Double D Podcast

Jul 10, 2012

This show was recorded directly following the Bocce/Hibachi tournament and party, so everyone was in a great mood and we had a packed house in the studio.  Cousin Joe joined the regular cast on the mic and a few partygoers hung around to also participate.

After recapping the sad state of the tournament, in which the Double D team of Ray and Zen, dubbed "The Blue Ballers", came in an embarrassing 3rd out of 8 teams, we talk about the beers we drank, not just at the tournament but also during the show.  These included a sampler pack from the Widmer Brothers and Maui Brewing's Mana Wheat Pineapple flavored beer but also our selection for the week, the unbelievably tasty Hoegaarden.

Then we hand out the other trophy of the night, the Blue Plate Award Winner for the best Jailhouse Tamale.  Cousin Joe reluctantly became the tasting judge and though he found Zen's tamale the least offensive, it was also bland so the trophy went to Richard Duran!

After the first break, Zen recaps his trip to San Diego and his enjoyment at riding the Giant Dipper roller coaster at Belmont Park in Mission Beach.  This leads to a game that everyone in the studio participated in, "Roller Coaster or Vibrator."  The lesson we learned:  every good roller coaster name sounds like a vibrator.

Then, with the Fourth of July rapidly approaching, we get into Boobtube, this time it being "Boobs" and "Fireworks"

After the second break we get into a lengthy discussion, led by Cousin Joe, on when it is ok to make fun of people.  We agree that if someone is born with a problem it is generally bad form to make fun of them for something out of their control.  But when their own stupidity cause it, well, all bets are off.  Then we share some Mexican candy, one which reminds the Catholics in the room of a communion wafer, and another which we declare smells like "Granny's Ass" but tastes way better than it smells.

Bonus: stick around for after the show's conclusion.  We added a little bonus content.  Sometimes things keep going after we hit stop on the recording.  Tonight we left the mics on.  Enjoy.

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