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The Double D Podcast

Jul 10, 2012

As you will discover right from the beginning of the introduction, this is the first time that the show was recorded with NO ZEN.  Daniel takes the reins and though it's a rocky start he gets things going with stories from the Redneck Wedding that he, Richard and Ray attended.  After a few minutes of wedding talk, a new listener, Ron Jablondy (sp?), calls in with his own tales of marital woe from Durango, Colorado.  The guys talk him through the pitfalls of alcoholism and infidelity.  Then the boys get down to what they are drinking this episode.  Phoenix Ale Brewery's Watermelon flavored Wheat Ale.  They also bring back some Mudshark Full Moon Ale.

After the first break a mystery guest walks in and grabs a microphone to try and save this sinking ship.  He gets the talk going in a new direction: condoms and why they are used and how they are tested.  After the condom talk, interestingly enough, the conversation steers toward Ray's daughter.  No connection.  Instead, they talk about how she recently won the Northern Arizona's Got Talent competition, taking home first place, the prize money and making her dad proud.

Another awkward transition as after the talk of Ray's daughter fizzles out, Daniel starts talking about taking "Upper Deckers" which is the awful prank of pooping in the upper water tank part of someone's toilet.

After the second break our mystery guest compares Daniel to the Pod People from Dark Crystal (thus the album art for this episode) and then we get into a news story.  A prison is using inmates to test out their new lock system, and is rewarding the inmates with food.  This leads to all sorts of Jail stories from our cast, including the recipes of how to make tamales in jail using potted meat and corn chips.  We close out the show with Boobtube, this time "Boobs" and "Watermelons"

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