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The Double D Podcast

Jun 21, 2012

It's our Doubleversary.  Two years of the Double D Podcast.  A big Salud goes out to all the Booblets and Borrachos who have been with us since June 2010, and for those of you new to the show a hearty welcome!  Show number 80 almost didn't happen because Daniel's car broke down while he was getting the beer for this broadcast, but Richard picked him up and we got started just a little later than usual.

Because this is an anniversary show, we start off with a very brief history of the podcast, from the days of The Zen and Peace Show up to now.  Then we crack open our beer of the night, Wells Banana Bread Beer, a concoction that smells just as good as it tastes.  It comes, rather curiously, in an 11.2 oz bottle, but is worth every penny of it's import price.  We talk about cool places to drink beer that you normally wouldn't drink at, and then get into our first Salud of the night.  Salud to the L.A. Kings, 2012 Stanley Cup Champions, with a special side-Salud to Richards, Carter and Gagne, all former Flyers who lifted the cup.  This leads into a discussion of girls with incredible assets positioning themselves behind the team coaches during television broadcasts.  If this is the start of a new trend, we like it.  We read a short news story about the most impressive of these "Glass Girls", adult film star Taylor Stevens.  Here's a short vid of her stealing the glory from New Jersey Devils coach Pete DeBoer.

After that we read an email from Jay, mediocrefatass in our chat room, congratulation us on our two year anniversary.  To that, we raise our beers and say Salud! to Jay.

In the second segment, we discuss high school graduations, specifically a news story from Ohio concerning four recent grads who had their diplomas withheld pending the completion of community service, all because their parents "cheered too long."  We also talk about Senior Pranks and some high school practical jokes that went too far.

After those stories, we crack open another bottle.  This being our Doubleversary, it only seemed fitting to have two different beer brands to celebrate.  Biscuit Ray purchased a rather expensive bottle of Odell Brewing Company's Shenanigans, an oak aged crimson ale.  One of the manlier beers we've imbibed, it is hearty and full of complex flavors.

Right before the break, we talk a little about the recent retirement of I'll Have Another on the eve of his triple crown winning attempt.  We joke about all the different ways a jockey can cross the finish line.

In the last segment we jump right into Soccer Mom, this week being a pick of Daniel's.  He chose this Coupon Suzy commercial for her short hair and tight shirt and immediate fap potential.

After that we do BoobTube.  This is one we promised a long time ago, but somehow it got shuffled around and lost until now.  This is a YouTube vid we found while searching for "Boobs" and "Happy Hopper" which is the kid's rubber bouncy ball you may remember from your childhood.

We then close out the show with some more Double D Memories.  Thanks for listening, and if you like the show and haven't done so already, click on the "Subscribe on iTunes" link over on the right hand side of the page and subscribe to the show for free.  It's still listed under our old "Zen and Peace Show" title, but it's all Double D.  Don't forget to leave us a 5 star review while you're there.

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