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The Double D Podcast

Jun 10, 2012

We're drinking a local brew, Lumberyard's Flagstaff IPA, a manly, hoppy India Pale Ale, probably to make up for all the girly beers we've been drinking lately.  It's a good, strong, satisfying beer but sadly we don't know if it's available outside of the local market.

We begin by talking about the official movie of the Podcast, Piranha 3DoubleD.  Shortly thereafter we get into the story that gives this episode it's title.  This is also up there (or down there) with some of our worst stories ever.  Daniel tells us how he struck a "Got A Little Captain In You" pose while taking shower with a girl and she proceeded to introduce herself to his brown eye.  Check out the album art over there --->

This gets us talking about all sorts of anus related topics, including proctologists and prostate exams as well as whether or not you should try everything once.

Once we get all the dirty stuff out of the way, Zen talks about the recent cable tv phenomena, The Hatfields & McCoys.  If you haven't seen this 3 part mini-series yet, you might want to skip this segment or you'll end up like Ray, wanting to kick Zen in the nuts for spoiling the ending of the film.  It can't be helped.  Zen is deeply troubled by the ending, historical accuracy aside, and justs wants justice for old mushhead.

This leads into our BoobTube segment for the week, based on YouTube videos while searching the two terms "Boobs and Hillbillies."  Enjoy, though it gets a little tedious:

We say goodbye to another celebrity we've lost this week, Richard Dawson, who actually once hosted a Family Feud episode with descendents of the Hatfield and McCoy families.

Finally, we do a Mexican Picture of the Day segment and Soccer Mom with the following Old Navy commercials featuring perennial Soccer Mom fave Wendy McClendon-Covey.

And The Spanish Version:

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