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The Double D Podcast

Jun 3, 2012

We've made fun of the word "Leinenkugels" before, so now we give it it's fair due and drink some Leinenkugels Berry Weiss this episode.  Daniel is a strong supporter of this fruity concoction, while Zen finds it just a little too sweet for his manly tastes.

During the opening segment we discuss our official fighting cock, Winston, and how he is being raised as opposed to the heinious conditions in which most other real fighting cocks are raised.  We talk about Memorial Day and how each of us spent it.  It's not National BBQ day, but that doesn't mean barbecues are off limits, dammit.  Zen talks a little about the Pioneer Museum and horseshoes (again) and cattle brands.

All this leads us into our BoobTube segment for the week, this time with a video we found while searching YouTube with the terms, "Boobs" and "BBQ."  This vid is a natural fit for the Double D, combining our two favorite subjects (Boobs and Beer, duh) into one incredible parody vid.

When we come back from the break, it is to tackle our titular news story.  Steve is a man who went in to the doctors office to have some kidney stones looked at, and when the nurse performed an ultrasound on him she discovered that he had female sexual organs inside his body.  This came as no surprise to Steve, who has had feeling all his life that he was really a woman.  Steve now goes by Stevie and is living his life as a woman . . . sounds like Leinenkugels Berry Weiss is his new favorite drink!  Salud! to people who don't have to live a lie anymore.

While we are respectful of Steve and his journey, this topic does lead to a short discussion of hermaphrodites and how we could use horrible pornographic images to make our own versions of motivational posters.

We close out the show with our Soccer Mom segment.  While we watched five of these related videos, here's just one to give you a little taste.  Man, we sure love it when our soccer moms crack the whip on their nerd husbands.

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