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The Double D Podcast

May 24, 2012

If you're easily offended, this episode is an all time low for us.  But if you're listening, I doubt that you get offended easily, if at all.  So maybe this is an all time high.  Alex and Daniel tell some really good stories, tons of laughs are had, good beer is imbibed and we even educate a little.  So crack open a Shock Top Lemon Shandy with us and enjoy!

In the first half of the show, we begin the education with the proper way to abbreviate state names.  Then we introduce a couple new Urban Slang terms - #1 is Leinenkugels and #2 is Unleashing the Mummy's Curse.  We admonish Alex to "just get TWO rags!" and the educate some more when we discuss why horses wear horseshoes.

After a short break we play some BoobTube, viewing a couple YouTube vids we found while searching the terms "Boobs" and "Vacuum"

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We reach another all time low when Alex describes the worst (or best?) thing he has ever masturbated with - chicken skin.  Daniel then tells the story of why he was late to Ray's Birthday party.  This story is now know as "Daniel's One Night Stand" or "The Case of the Missing Condom."

Finally, we issue another "Jacket To This" challenge.  Before viewing the following video, please be forewarned that it does contain brief nudity, so is NOT to be viewed by minors.  It is NOT pornographic, being an educational film, but still . . . enjoy!

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