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The Double D Podcast

May 21, 2012

Full house for tonights show, including Zen and Ray, your intrepid hosts, but also Daniel and Richard Duran as well as newcomer Alex Dornhoefer.  Or DoNoMore.  Dunmeyer.  I forget.  But damn, he's a funny guy who knows how to really get close to the microphone.  Anyway, we drink some Boddington's Pub Ale, with the little nitrogen aerator ball thingy that looks like a glow in the dark fishing bobber.

Anyway, in this show we begin by saying goodbye to a real man, Swamp People's Mitchell Guist.  We debate why the show is so popular and what makes the Cajun Swamp lifestyle so appealing.  We also play what may be the only leaked copy of the never before aired "Glenn and Mitchell Live from the Swamp Podcast."

After that we play our first BoobTube of the night, in honor of Mitchell's Squirrel story, "Boobs and Squirrel."

We then have another go at our new game, "Know Your Porn" this time with greater success.  Ray battles Alex and we go several rounds with the letter "D."  Alex then tells a couple raunchy sex stories, including the time he met a co-worker in the Sonic bathroom.  When confronted by his boss upon exiting while buttoning up his pants, he calmly replied, "I was helping her put her pants on."  Real Man.

Lastly, we read a news story about some retired gynecologist who claims to have found the actual G Spot by cutting up the recently deceased cadaver of an 83 year old Polish woman.  This leads to our final BoobTube of the night, "Boobs and Polish"

(to download the mp3 of this episode, Right-Click on the Direct Download link below and select Save As)