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The Double D Podcast

May 21, 2012

This is a bit of a milestone show, as it is the first ever Double D Podcast without Ray.  Daniel Duran sits in the co-host chair for this episode and does a damn fine job of it.  We begin by talking about the first porn we ever encountered, which leads to Dan revealing some interesting facts concerning his older brother Lawrence and some homemade videos involving "White Bunny Girl"  Richard walks into the studio at this point and adds to the conversation because he too has seen this video.  We talk about buying "pogs" for little brothers and getting caught having sex at Summer Camp and at family reunions.  Also Richie Pichie, Puddin' and Pie, F*cked the girl and made her cry.

In the second segment we play a new game for the show, "Know Your Porn."  Cut us a little slack on this one, it's the first time we ever play it and it is a little shaky as we work out all the rules.

We conclude with BoobTube/Soccer Mom and also Mexican Word of the Day.  Here's your vid:

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