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The Double D Podcast

Apr 29, 2012

Double D Daniel Duran brought over some barely legal, inebriated youngsters and needless to say, it got chaotic in the studio for the first part of the show.  Then they left and things settled down to a more usual pace.  In that first, hectic half hour we discussed our beer of the week, the Phillipine's own San Miguel and how they pretty much own the islands and the basketball league there.

Then, after some rockabilly, we finally meet (in person, or should we say in poultry?) Winston the Fighting Cock.

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The kiddos leave and Zen gets down to some junior high tales of failed reports, physical abuse at the hands of diminutive Avon salesladies and Zambeti Warriors.  We also had the usual segments of Soccer Mom (see Harrah's commercial below) and Boobtube (also below, Boobs and Jump Rope!)

Don't forget that we have the Summer Beer Belly Sports Tournament, The "Bocce Hibachi Festival" on Sunday July 1st.  Kebabs, trophies, giveaways and the usual metric ton of cold beer await all who attend.  Make sure you set the day aside for some good times.

(to download the mp3 of this show, right-click the direct download link below and select "Save As")