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The Double D Podcast

Apr 13, 2012

A week late to be playing April Fools jokes, but we did it anyway, opening the show with some Nickelback and dubbing our rebooted podcast "The Nickelback Fan Show"  Nobody fell for the joke, and we launched into the real deal.  Our buddy Juan called in while we were cracking open our beers (O'douls (haha), Vampt, and Mission St. 2012 Anniversary Ale).  After that Double D Daniel Duran showed up and Zen launched into the story that gives title to this show when he told all about his recent sleep study experience and how he should have taken that shower the morning after.

We watch a lot of videos after that, and we just wouldn't be good hosts if we didn't offer them up here for all of you that didn't catch the live show.  First, we watched a little bit of Japanese Game Show goodness.

Then Zen added Soleil Moon Frye to the March Madness tournament with this creeptastic vid.

A little bit of Soccer Mom goes a long way

BoobTube this week was "Boobs" and "Armenian"

And finally we challenge our listeners to "Jacket To This"

Enjoy the show and don't forget we'll be live in Kingman on April 28th!

(to download the mp3 of the show, right-click the direct download link below and "Save As")