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The Double D Podcast

Mar 31, 2012

By the time the ping pong tournament was over and we all sat down to do this show, everyone was pretty plastered.  And by pretty plastered, I mean Cardo blew a .33 BAC on the breathalyzer we had in the studio.  So what ended up being over 2 hours of raw audio got trimmed down to a final cut of the podcast that runs about 1 hour and 12 minutes.

First and foremost, the Double D team of Ray and Zen, known in ping pong circles as "The Goon Squad", kept the trophy at home by going 6 and 1 in the triple elimination tournament.  Congrats to all who entered and competed:  The A Team, Chuy D and Cousin Dave - The Good Guys, Cardo and Carrie - Team Sparkles, Danielle and Nick and finally - Team Military Brats aka Team Go Postal, CC Rider and Crazy Legs Martha.  It was a lot of fun and The Goon Squad will be defending the trophy next Spring.

Also joining us in the studio were a couple Double D's, the Duran Duran boys, Dick and Daniel.  They probably would have dominated the ping pong table, but they showed up late.  

In this episode we added some new contestants to our March Madness Tournament of Hotties, spewed forth some raunchy limericks, talked about some desperate men attempting to court MCLG, listened to Kingman band The Rivals plays some live music in the studio and looked at some pretty heinous pictures.  (If you want to see them yourself, google "Special Fried Rice," "Blue Waffle," and "Lemon Party"  Just don't say we didn't warn you.)

BoobTube for this ep was "Boobs and Shamrock"   Enjoy!

(to download this show as an mp3, right-click on the direct download link below and select "Save As . ..")