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The Double D Podcast

Mar 20, 2012

Episode 69 originally was going to be the "Cinco de Double Patrick's Day" celebration, but due to Snowmageddon and the 30 some inches of snow that fell in just 36 hours, the party had to be postponed to Sunday March 25th.  One guest did make it to the studio, however, and it saved this show.  Even Biscuit Ray could not be in the studio physically, and instead we had to settle for "Invisible Ray" through the modern miracle of Skype.

Mark Anthony, of the Tucson band The Clam Tostada, was our lone guest for this episode, but he proved to be all we needed to have an excellent show.  Besides being a longtime friend and a card carrying Herbal Medication Patient, he's also one hell of a musician.  Here is his in studio performance of Clam Tostada's original song, "Love is a Marshmallow"

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Besides the music talk and performance, we also discuss this episode Rio Grande Chile Cerveza, 69 and the frenulum, The Rivals (Kingmans only non Mexican band) and our ongoing March Madness of Hotties.  Stick around to the end and this episode's album art will make sense to you, as Mark explains how his beautiful wife wearing a fake mustache made her the object of adoration from both Lesbians and Straight Men alike.

Boobtube was also played this show.  Enjoy this short clip found when we searched for "Boobs and St Patricks Day"