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The Double D Podcast

Mar 9, 2012

Take a look at the album art.  Can you even tell that she's not really real, but instead a Real Doll?  So the title of this episode isn't necessarily referring to the real doll face in the artwork for this episode (which by the way is the "Stephanie" face you can buy for your very own Real Doll) but instead the title is taken from a word we, for whatever reason, end up saying a lot during the broadcast.  "Adorable."

We drink Bud Light Platinum and conclude it tastes very much like Bud Light.  Which isn't an entirely bad thing.  We give a Salud to Davy Jones, deceased Monkee, and listen to some 50's trumpet blues.  Zen tells a story about gay guys with jumper cables and a new caller, Big Dawg, gives us a ring.  Ray watches a Penile inflation video, 2 girls 1 cup style, and then Ray builds his very own Real Doll.  Builds, but doesn't purchase, because he doesn't have 6 grand lying around.  BoobTube is "Boobs and Platinum" and we introduce the first division in our annual March Madness of Hotties.

Don't forget that "Cinco de Double Patrick's Day" is on March 18th.  Be there if you're anywhere in the vicinity. for details.