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The Double D Podcast

Mar 2, 2012

We drink Guinness Draughts (finally!) this episode, but before we ever get to downing some beers, we talk a LOT about inflatables . . . inflatable penises, inflatable shoes, inflatable love dolls . . . basically anything you can blow air into for fun.  We also discuss in the first segment how awkward it is to buy porn at a convenience store and the desperate measures Zen would take to do so.

In the second segment we finally crack into our specially made Guinness cans and enjoy the fizzy foam that explodes from the widgets inside.  It's Zen's first ever Guinness and the experience was entirely . . . underwhelming.

After some unimportant new stories concerning stolen Denny's burgers by Manager Impersonators and deciding whether or not to allow alcohol sales based on a coin flip, we get into BoobTube.  This week it's "Boobs and Guinness" which led us to this video about breaking the world record for unhooking the most bras in one minute.  Enjoy!

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