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The Double D Podcast

Feb 24, 2012

What the hell does the title mean?  I don't know, other than we kept saying "Just a little gay" during this episode and in a meager effort to class things up Zen brought up some basic Greek Philosophy.  It'll all make sense when you listen to the episode.

While it was pretty will-nilly and bounced all over from subject to subject, some of the topics covered include: the best sports movies ever, the film sets of Tin Cup, where Moneyball failed, pigs appearing on the decals on Vermont Police cruisers, juggalos and heartless bitches.

For the BoobTube segment, Zen searched for "Boobs" and "Juggalos" and for some reason picked out the following video where the only boobs seen are these two short-bussers who try to opine on why bitches is heartless.  This leads to the aforementioned discussion on Aristotle's A is A theory of identity.  Also cynics and cynicism.  Again, this will all make sense when you hear it.

(to download the mp3 of this show, right click on the direct download link below and "Save As")