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The Double D Podcast

Jan 30, 2012

Tom and  Tom and  Tom and  How many times can we stress that it is very important that you go to Tom and and subscribe to their show and download as many episodes as possible?  Help Zen win that trip to Orlando!

Anyway, as far as OUR show goes, it's all about Hazel Jones, the British woman blessed (or cursed) with two VaJayJays.  Also, Miley Cyrus gets fat and stoopid while getting caught rimming a big black penis cake.  We also play the Facebook minimeme "Describe your sex life using the title of any movie"  Final Score lies at Chat Room - 1,000 and Double D Podcast - 2.

There's also a little bit of talk about Ray's starring role in the upcoming independent film "Bloody Border"  Check it out at   Look for more info in an upcoming show when we get creator/director B.G. in the studio to give the full scoop on his film.

For now, enjoy this little video by Tom and Dan of "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan" and we'll see you borrachos next week.

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