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The Double D Podcast

Jan 23, 2012

Joe Fellers joins us from sunny Kingman, Arizona and, like all his previous visits, this show runs a little long.  So bonus: this show is about an extra hour of pure, delicious gravy.

So what's with the album art for episode 63?  Why are there toilet paper dolls in the picture?  You'll have to just listen to find out, but it is tied into the title of the show.  A true MacGyver of Masturbation uses the resources he has at hand to get the job done.  A roll of duct tape, some thumbtacks, maybe a broken cell phone . . . or in this case a toilet paper doll.

And that's not the limit of the penis talk that goes on this episode.  Listen in to find out at what tender age your intrepid hosts first grew their pubes, and also hear sordid tales of junior high locker room embarrassment.  All this as well as our usual BoobTube, Mexican Word of the Day and Soccer Mom segments in a hilarious 3 hour bonus edition of the Double D.  Salud!

Some vids from the broadcast:

Wendi McLendon-Covey is our first nomination for Soccer Mom of the Year 2012.  She appears briefly in this horrible video:

BoobTube this week is "Boobs and Zombies"  Watch this odd Japanese trailer:

Ray is appearing as an extra in the independent film "Bloody Border"  Check 'em out at