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The Double D Podcast

Jan 19, 2012

Literally.  We spin some records this episode, so prepare your ears for some interesting tuneage.  Also, we're back in the groove in that the holidays are over, the cast is healthy and we are finally back on the air.

Topics include: Mississippi Mud Black and Tan, Flagstaff's New Years Pine Cone Drop, Why Arizona is crooked at the bottom, BoobTube (Boobs and videogames) and Liz Hurley's Doppleganger.

Here are the videos that were part of the live show:

Finally, we're asking any and all residents of Arizona to please subscribe and download the hell out of a podcast called "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan"   It's Zen's favorite podcast outside the Double D, and if Arizona's download numbers increase enough in the next month, he just might win a trip out to Orlando to meet Tom and Dan and sit in on their podcast.  Do a brother a proper and get everyone you know (in Arizona) to download their show as well.  Please.

We'll see y'all Friday the 20th for a special show with Joe Fellers, our homebrewing friend who promises to bring an oatmeal stout for us to sample.