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The Double D Podcast

Dec 15, 2011

Christmas is almost upon us, but before you plunge into your gifts with unabridled avarice, please take a moment to reflect on the carnage that was Black Friday 2011.  We talk about an unfortunate incident here in Arizona where police bloody and bruise and then handcuff a poor old grandpa who was only trying to protect his grandson during a Black Friday Free for All.  The video proof is below.  Police say that they used standard police procedure, which included "sweeping the leg."  Looks like someone trained at Cobra Kai Dojo.

The album art for this episode if you look at your iPod or media player is the sensai from Cobra Kai.  But if you look to the right here, you'll see that our blog post picture is a lovely soccer mom.  Yup, here is the picture we promised of this episode's Soccer Mom, in all her pharmaceutical glory.  Gaze upon her.

Sorry this ep was so late in getting out.  We at the Double D work for the Coastal Nervous as you know, and this is our busiest time of year.  Please accept our apologies and enjoy this show!

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