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The Double D Podcast

Nov 28, 2011

The Beer this episode: Wasatch Brewing's Devestator, a double bock that clocks in at a brain-slugging 8.0 percent alcohol by volume.  While we chug that down we talk about porn (what else is new) and how certain camera angles can ruin the experience.  We also discuss some of the most awkward and silly and downright dangerous sexual positions you can attempt, complete with drawings to illustrate how bad they are.

There was also BoobTube, this time searching for vids with Boobs and Nerf Guns, and the other usual segments, including Salud and Mexican Word of the Day.  Oh yeah, we also have a news story about a "doctor" performing surgeries without a license, and by performing surgeries, we mean injecting cement, fix-a-flat and super glue into patients asses.  Yeah.

Enjoy, spread around to your friends, and most of all make sure you are subscribed to the show on iTunes.  Thanks!

Here's a couple vids from the live broadcast, so that you don't miss any of the visuals that make our show complete.

Watch live video from doubledpodcast on

Watch live video from doubledpodcast on

(to download the mp3 of the show, right click on the direct download link below)