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The Double D Podcast

Oct 31, 2011

We're rushing this one out, A. Because we wanted it out for everyone to enjoy on Halloween and B. Because this is one helluva funny episode start to finish and didn't need any editing.

So this is our Halloween, er, excuse me, Doubleween episode, but before we got to talk about anything Halloweeny like costumes and candy and shit, we got fascinated with the idea of a guy have two dicks, or "Double Ween."  See how we got on the subject?  We go on for about 15 minutes or so before we settle down and talk about Halloween proper.  We begin with Bloody Mary and how the practice of it unsettled Zen's childhood.

Next we talk about Halloween, mainly Ben Cooper costumes and how unfrickingcomfortable they were.  Zen proposes a couple ideas on how he could put his new round shape to good use in a costume this year.  We look at some creepy Victorian era pictures and then roll into our second break.

In the final segment we check out BoobTube, which this week is a video based on a YouTube search for "boobs" and "poker"

Zen shares some new Hot Women of Commercials vids

And we wrap up the show with Mexican Word of the Day.  This week - "Distress" and "Habanero"