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The Double D Podcast

Oct 20, 2011

The title of this one pretty much says it all.  Recorded immediately after Dubtoberfest, a day filled with brats, Sonoran Dogs, Badminton, Polka music mixed with a little reggae and most of all Beer, Beer, Beer.  It was good times with good friends.

I'm not going to do like I usually do and spoil all the content by listing it here.  Just know that we covered most of the usual bases, with Saluds, Dulas, BoobTube, Really Unimportant News and Mexican Word of the Day.  There were quite a few folks in the Studio with us and pretty much everyone got a little mic time and the conversation went where it wanted to.  And by that I mean boobs, hot commercial women, what kids call their junk and pissing in the shower.

A Big Salud goes out to Big Don Juan, Cousin Dave, Chuy D and the Double D Herself Danielle Diaz for joining in and creating chaos out of order.  It's all in all a great show and one we're sure you'll enjoy.

P.S.  Look at those two doofuses in the Album Art for this episode.  I guess a Congratulations would be in order for "The A Team" of Cousin Dave and Chuy D who are the first team to ever take home the Double D Badminton Trophy.  They went undefeated while the hosts of the tournament, Biscuit Ray and Pudboy Zen, went winless.  Big Don and his partner came in second while the team of CC Rider and Double D Herself came in a respectable third.  Next year the trophy comes home . . . 

Here are some videos from this episode:

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