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The Double D Podcast

Oct 7, 2011

Hey, all.  This one's going out early because we talk about plans for Dubtoberfest and as of this being released, the party is just a couple days away.  This one is short and sweet, plenty of funny to go around and it won't take you long to listen to it all.

Zen goes to Las Vegas and finds his soul.  He also spots a hooker "on the job."  The Double D Bowling Team is doing well, and we bring you a little info on who they are and what shenanigans they are up to while attempting to be keglers.  There is only one news story this episode, and it's about a woman who won the Powerball "on accident."  We briefly touch on our own Lottery Dreams and you gotta promise not to tell PETA what they are.  BoobTube this week was a video based on the YouTube search for "Boobs" and "Bowling."

That's pretty much it.  Make sure that if you aren't joining us in person for Dubtoberfest that you watch the afterparty show live on Justin.Tv.  Check our Facebook page for exact times.