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The Double D Podcast

Oct 3, 2011

That's right, the Dbacks had just clinched the NL West before we recorded this show, so we kicked things off with a little celebratory video:

We were drinking Ska Brewing's ESB Special this episode.  Don't ask us what the ESB stands for.  Zen starts the show with a little true life story of the "Korean End Run" and how Flagstaff P.D. actually made him proud.  Justice was served.  We share the news that McDonald's will soon be putting both french fries AND apple slices in every Happy Meal soon.  Are apples for queers?  What?!

Before we continue the second segment, we take a break, wrongly, to tell and listen to some racist jokes.  Thanks, Cousin Joe, for you assistance in this heinous matter.  Zen shares his love for Spike TV's newest reality show, Repo Games.

In this week's BoobTube segment, we search YouTube for videos with the keywords "Boobs" and "Pushups" to score some (ahem) tasty treats.

Mexican Word of the Day begins our third and final segment.  Summarize.  Terrace.  Accommodate.

We discuss a few plans for Dubtoberfest, which is rapidly approaching.  Make plans to join us Sunday October 9th at 2 pm for beer, brats, polka, reggae and badminton.  If you need details and directions, email or contact us on Facebook.