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The Double D Podcast

Sep 26, 2011

We drink Caguama Cerveza this show, and beyond knowing that the name means some sort of special Loggerhead Turtle, all we can say is that it's a decent enough Mexican Beer.  At least there was a LOT of it.  Chuy D calls in to confess to stealing beers from his Pops, and this leads to a discussion of us drinking beers as toddlers.  Zen mentions the bottle caps from all the beers we've been drinking have been made into pins, which can be purchased by sending 5 bucks to

Double D Podcast

P.O. Box 1509 

Flagstaff, AZ 86002 

If you want to know what caps we have available, email us ahead of time:

We talk about Star Wars being released on Blu-Ray, and the 3 things George Lucas SHOULD have changed in the new versions.

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Finally, before the first break, we do the BOOBTUBE segment.  Terms searched this week are, appropriately enough, "Boobs" and "Star Wars."

First Break Song, as picked by Biscuit Ray

We talk next about having sex with cartoon characters and also having Sex in a Graveyard.  Yeah.  In Really Unimportant News we report that Trinity College's website was hacked, with a fake profile for a Professor "Conan T. Barbarian" making it's way onto the faculty list.  Also, a creepy statue of a life sized Hot Dog-Man was stolen and subsequently dumped because it was too creepy looking to keep.

Second Break Song, courtesy of Biscuit Ray

We close out the show with Mexican Words of the Day.  Paralyze, Harley and Nissan.

We disclose some more Dubtoberfest plans and then close with a little Cafe Tacuba - Volver a Comenzar.