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The Double D Podcast

Sep 23, 2011

Kona Brewing makes an excellent passion fruit infused beer, and this leads to a discussion on why it's called "passion fruit."  Ray spins yarns about his Kingman "mixer" and Zen recounts his adventures at the Coconino County Fair.  There are some short and sweet reviews of recent DVD releases, including "Your Highness" "Paul" and "Super."  Zen lays down plans for a movie starring Biscuit Ray as a mild-mannered postman by day, Mexican Wizard by night, entitled "F*cking Rad".  We also discuss plans for an Oktoberfest style party to be held October 9th, called "Dubtoberfest."  This is a real thing.  Be there on October 9th for Pumpkin Beer and Brats.

First Break Song, courtesy of Pomplamoose:

Zen gives a Top 5 List about Cousin Dave and Beyonce's future child.  We wonder why Toilet Paper is "good enough" and we continue the celebrity news with a story about Jim Carrey tagging his own home with the cryptic acronym "FFC"

Second Break Songs, courtesy of Garfunkel and Oates:

We open the third segment with our favorite new bit, Boobtube.  This week we searched for videos with "Boobs" and "Shoeshine" and got this little gem:

We try and decide what the "awkward creep factor" is when viewing porn with other dudes and Zen remembers the time he filmed the worst quality, lowest resolution porn ever committed to tape.  Mexican Words of The Day - Extinct, Ascot and Venture.  Mexican Candy and the show closes with The Whigs "Right Hand on My Heart"