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The Double D Podcast

Sep 2, 2011

Thanks for listening to our 50th show!  It took us a little longer to reach 50 than most other podcasts, mainly because Ray seems to always be on vacation, but we made it.  To celebrate, we pay homage to our opening audio clip (borrowed from the wonderful Tres Amigos) and say, "We don't have no beers, jus' tequila"  We fork over a few extra bucks and tip the bottle with Roger Clyne's Mexican Moonshine.  Based on his song of the same name, Roger's Mexican Moonshine is a 100% puro de agave Reposado that we find super-smooth, incredibly easy to drink and by the end of the night an accomplished happiness-bearer.

Zen opens the show with a tale of a little monster, aka "Anchor Baby" and then goes on to infuritate Ray with news of Miley Cyrus being inducted into the Celebrity Bowling Hall of Fame.  We talk way too much about cock rings, hair ties and shoelaces and then take the show to an all-time low with videos of a hen laying an egg and a rooster owned by Mensa members violating a stuffed cat.

For our newly christened "BoobTube" segment, a weekly bit where we search on YouTube for videos based solely on two words (one of which will always be Boob), we search this week for "Snow Boobs" vids and come up with the following doozies:

Next we cover the Really Unimportant News for the week in our R.U.N. segment, including stories of Rogue Pandas in Flagstaff.  We cover the usual Mexican Word of the Day and chomp on some Mexican Candy . . . two delectable treats that looked like "Tampon Squeezins" and "Turd Logs"

Thanks so much for sticking with us through our first 50 episodes, and we hope you'll crack open a beer with us each week for the next 50.