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The Double D Podcast

Aug 25, 2011

We might be changing the name of the show from Double D to "Biscuit and Pudboy" we'll just have to wait and see.  Big thanks to the Hammer for calling in multiple times to track the progress of her inebriation and to Mrs. Strong for keeping our ignorance in check in the chatroom.

We drank Nectar Ale's Humboldt Brown Hemp Ale during this show.  It was a nice brown ale with a creamy head (uy) and got a thumbs up from all in the studio.  

Saluds for this episode went out to Chuy D and The Electric Army, who played their last show at The Orpheum last Saturday night.  Also a quick shout to Zen for celebrating his 38th birthday last week.  "Dulas", or reverse Salud, went out to Roberto Salamanca for drunkenly, without license or insurance, killing a 20 year old driver when he rammed him head on.  Boo-yah, you piece of shit.

Our YouTube search this week involved the following two words:  "boobs" and "pogo stick" . . . I guess technically thats 3 words, but whatever.  Here's the video we came up with:

News included stories of Explosions In The Sky, Tiny Eggs (with a quick lecture by Prof. Van DerLiquor on chicken wings), Lemonistas and Old Men in Speedos.

The Show closed out with Mexican Word of The Day, Mexican Candy and The Electric Army playing their Original Song, "Better Things"