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The Double D Podcast

Jul 4, 2011

Hidden in this 4th of July episode is our funniest bit ever.  I'll let you know when we get to it, but first we kick off the show, as always, with what we're drinking and this time it's Ska Brewing's Mexican Logger.  We talk about why some might be offended by the can's original logo and also how tasty and refreshing this Mexican style lager is on a humid day.

We light off some sparklers and play R. Kelly's badly remixed National Anthem to say Happy Birthday to America.  We question the wisdom of making legal the sale of fireworks but not their use.  Chuy D calls in briefly and then we do something we haven't done in a few episodes:  play a game.  Ray is quizzed on the similairities between the names of fireworks and the names of sex toys.

After the first break song, The Refreshments' "Buy American" we get a pair of phone calls.  First MCLG calls in with a Knock Knock joke and then Jonathan calls with an actual phone call from the Bay Area.  We talk beer, weather and chicks with Theremins.

Here it is.  After Jonathan hangs up we launch into the first ever "Ray's Segment" and the inaugural one is a doozy.  Ray steps up to the whiteboard and explains, with diagrams, how the human female reproductive system is laid out and how it functions.  If you haven't caught the video, just scroll down.  From now on, if Ray doesn't have a bit ready he'll have to step up to the 2 dimensional White Board (DDWB) and scientifically explain something.  If you have ideas for Ray's Segment, email them to or call them in to 4242 DRUNKS (424-237-8657).

The second break song is The Refreshments' "Mexico"

In our last segment we do something we NEVER do - get serious.  We don't like to do this, as it's just not our style, but it was such an important news story to our hometown of Flagstaff that it HAD to be mentioned at least briefly.

Read the news story here.

The Refreshments close out the show with "Suckerpunch"