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The Double D Podcast

Jul 2, 2011

We enjoy delicious Breckenridge Summer Bright Ale during this episode.  It's cool and refreshing and it definitely helped us get through another sweltering, swamplike recording session in the Double D Studio.

We begin by briefly discussing the Riordan Gig, an annual fundraiser for the Riordan Mansion here in Flagstaff that this year was good enough to have Distraction and the Electric Army perform there, two music groups that are friends of the show.  Also at the Riordan Gig:  massive Ricola Horns.  I'm sure there is a real, proper name for them, we just don't know what that is.  We do know how long they are, however.

We introduce a new segment that will help open every show from now on - Salud!  Feel free to email, call or post on our Facebook page anyone or anything you would like us to raise a glass to.  This week we say "Salud!" to Cardo for his 45th birthday and to friend of the show Jay on his (possible?) marriage.

The subject of Flagstaff being coated in yellow dust comes up next.  It's tree pollen (pine cum) and it's everywhere.  Yerrow Rung.

Music from Roger Clyne and the Peacemaker's new album "Unida Cantina" is played during this epidsode.  The first break song is "Heaven On a Paper Plate"

Chuy graces the wall of the studio with a terrific penis doodle he scribbled during the break.  This leads to the topic of circumcision and whether or not that is private information.  Zen shares another dream, this time of a point-of-view blowjob gone horribly wrong.  Three celebrity women are discussed next:  Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Shania Twain and Amanda Bynes.  Another Salud! is raised, this time for dead celebrity Ryan Dunn.  We play the easiest Movie Title Trivia Game ever, titled "What's the name of that movie, the one with . . ." and we discuss "3D Sex and Zen" and how this fits into the timeline of the evolution of Porn.

Second break song - "Dinero"

MCLG calls in to sing a little "FU" to her amorous adversary, "Cherrie"  We talk about what happened recently in Flag-town, namely the "Pride in the Pines" event.  This becomes a smallish trivia game involving the names of Gay Bars in movies and we wrap up the show with a listing of cool Drag Queen Names.

Final Song - "Empty Highway"