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The Double D Podcast

Jun 20, 2011

This episode is about cryptozoology.  Nessie.  Bigfoot.  The Montauk Monster.  Chupacabra.  We don't believe in any of them, but we still love looking at the pictures and watching the videos "proving" their existence on youtube.  So we crack open some LandShark beers by Margaritaville and a couple 4Lokos to get good and sauced while we sift through the bullshit, the hoaxes and the rare unexplainable images and vids that are all over the internet.

What got me going on this subject was this article printed in 1890 by the Tombstone Epitaph, recounting the tale of two ranchers who brought down a mysterious winged beast by the Huachuca mountain range.  Their tale would suggest that they had encountered a Pteranadon or pterasaur of some type, in an age where little if any knowledge of such dinosaurs existed.  This article really grabbed my imagination and got me thinking about the paranormal creatures that fascinated me as a youngster.  I googled some of the biggies and found this recent video clip purporting to have captured the latest sighting of Bigfoot.

You should know that before we ever got to the topic of cryptozoology, the entire first segment is centered around Castoreum, a raspberry flavoring enhancer Ray clued me in on as originating from a beaver's anal glands.  Who the hell discovers these things?  Who is the first guy that sucked on a beaver's ass and thought, "Man, this would really enhance the flavor of artificial raspberry"?  

We haven't done an episode like this in a while, focused in on one topic alone, and it seems like an old Zen and Peace Show.  We'll be back in episode 43 with the regular format, where we promise to drift all over the place from topic to topic, randomly, wherever the beer leads us.  Salud!