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The Double D Podcast

May 20, 2011

Still a little hungover from Episode 38 Live from Joe's Garage, we gingerly step back into the ring with this smallish episode.  We start off by cracking open some Yuengling beer, fresh from Pennsylvania courtesy of Joe's Pop, who didn't know we stole it on our way out of Kingman.

We do a little recap of what went down two weeks ago at Joe's Dirty Thirty Birthday party.  Zen vaguely recalls downing (among other libations) a particularly nasty can of Steel Reserve and how that led to a little chunk-puking.  We talk about ping pong pinata baseball and a cockfighting DVD that almost killed the party before it even began.  Check out the commemorative T Shirt by clicking here.  Lastly, we celebrate Chuy D's drunken version of Hallelujah.  Check out the video Cousin Dave filmed below.

After the Meat Puppets play us through our first break, Maria calls in (as usual) but this time in a somewhat surly mood.  She suspects Ray has been less than faithful and so serenades him with a little "End of the Road."  After that Joe joins the live broadcast and thru the chat room exclaims rather surprisedly that he spots a couple of his Yuenglings on our desk.  Oops.  Sorry about that.  We then talk about the nervousness one might feel visiting a new house for the first time and wondering what strange smells we might encounter.  Joe must have danced through his home in a toga spreading rose petals because his home smelled fabulous with a capital F.  This leads to the image of Joe the Cherub (see album art)

We send a shout out to Jay (mediocrefatass) for posting a picture on our Facebook page ( of himself in a swanky Double D Podcast T shirt.  Zen then tries to tell a story about Mexican Fancy Elf Boots spotted outside an Albertson's, which Ray promptly tries to derail.  Zen perseveres and the story of the Mexican Clown Shoes makes it way out eventually.

ZZ Top plays us through our second break and then Zen relates another story, this time of a rather pathetic retired math teacher hitting on a young bank teller.  Zen vows never to become this man, instead opting to grow into the less pathetic but admittedly more creepy "Party Grandpa"  The show ends with speculation on Ray's future "Wedding of the Undead" in which Zen hopes to play some small part.