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The Double D Podcast

May 13, 2011

Best.  Show.  Ever.  That's a bold statement, but even with the audio being less than stellar, after listening to this one we think you'll have to agree.  Especially if you were there.

This was the first and only stop in the Double D Podcast's Spring Tour 2011.  We broadcast live from Joe's Garage in Kingman, Arizona where we were helping celebrate Joe's Dirty Thirty Birthday Bash.  Cousin Joe is a good man and a good friend and we were more than happy to pack up all the gear and set up at his house for this live remote broadcast.  If you watched it live, you know that it was a wild time.  If you missed the broadcast, just scroll down the page here for some of the video highlights.  It was so much fun and we'd like to thank all the awesome people we met there for helping make this our most memorable episode yet.

We kicked it off with a quick Amber Alert for a missing boy (actually a childhood photo of Joe we had front and center on our desk the entire podcast (see album art)) and a little talk about Ray's Mexican Wizard Beard.  We launched into our customary "What Are We Drinking?" segment . . . it was all incredible home-brewed beers that Joe is famous for crafting . . . we enjoyed an IPA, a creamy blonde ale and some jungle juice of Joe's own design called Faderade.  We briefly talked about a Mexican cockfighting video (no joke) that we watched as the party was just getting started, featuring Roosters such as Chorpy, Dr. Mateo and Luis Lopez.  It was horrible.  And by horrible we mean awesome.

Zen recalled a traumatic childhood game called "Sauce" and we calculated the PDQ at the party.  Then we listened to the first of many Roasts to be heard that night.  Jeff stepped up to the microphone to Roast Joe with stories of Slumpbusting.

After our first break Jefe Smyth (Jeff Smith of Day Old Sushi) called in to tell us he was masturbating at work.  He would have wished Joe a Happy Birthday, but he had no clue just who the hell Joe was.  After that we launched into a special version of Stump the Mexican . . . Stump Joe, Name that Tune - The Hits of 1981 Edition!  Special shout out to our 3 contestants:  Shannon, Jesus and Ryan who all whooped Joe's ass easily.

After our second break Chuy D classed up the joint by playing a sweet cover of "Lay Me Down" followed by the real meat of the podcast - The Official Roast of Joe.

Cousin Dave roasted Joe's nuts with tales of Girl Scouts and a dead Prius.

Zen roasted Joe's nuts with a Top 5 list of "Things overheard when Joe rolled the Razor"

Ryan roasted Joe's nuts with the "Too Drunk to Fish" story.

Taryn roasted Joe's nuts with the El Palacio story and Native American racism.

Josh roasted Joe's nuts with the "It wasn't me, I'm a Fisherman!" story.

And finally Steve roasted Joe's nuts with the Porsche and a young girl story.

We closed out the show with Daniel C. totally destroying our Pinata filled with Mexican Candy.  This show was a total blast and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did recording it.