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The Double D Podcast

May 6, 2011

Pina Coladas are imbibed during Episode 37, and while this might seem like a puss move and you're probably yelling, "Hey, the Double D Podcast is a celebration of BEER" we did so because we were saving ourselves for Episode 38.  In hindsight, considering that this is being posted with Episode 38 done and in the can, drinking a nice, easy island fruity-fruit drink was the correct call.  Because Episode 38 from Joe's Garage was a beer maelstrom.

Before we get very far in this show, our Titular Hero, Dwight Kennkelle, calls in.  I don't know if it was the alcohol, or just a bad connection, but we heard his name as "Black Cankles" and since he didn't correct us, we ran with it the whole show.  Dwight asks advice on women and also sings a nice song for us and quickly endeared himself as one of our all time favorite callers.  We hope this is not the last we've heard from him.

We talk a little more about Ted Danson, Flagstaff's Pride and Joy, and why nobody has ever built a bar here in town called Cheers.  We compare a small town's pride in it's one claim to fame with another small town.  Winslow, Arizona has the Standin' On the Corner Park, based only on a small line in the Eagles popular song, "Take It Easy."  And no, it's not Glenn Campbell or even Glenn Frey commemorated with a statue on the corner there.  Apparently it's just some generic guitar man.

What LastsThese United States
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After the first break Ray introduces a new toy to the desk, his key chain Rock Em Sock Em Robot.  Zen ponders a Movie Version of this retro fighting game, which we later learned after the broadcast is the Hugh Jackman vehicle called "Real Steel."

The show is now sponsored by Miller High Life since now one of it's hosts had his life sponsored by Miller High Life to the tune of one dollar.  We entertain the notion of people sponsoring the show and having their donations acknowledged with macaroni art on the wall behind us.

We next rip into a good friend and co-worker, Shane Dween.  He has an old folks home on his route and on Fridays he can be found hanging out with the old Betties at the ice cream social.  (I wonder if he has the god-awful Rebecca Black song stuck in his head as he makes time with the old ladies?)  We talk about vibrators so old the have to be crank-started and the notion of the "Dustgasm."  Joe Fellers calls in to tell us that we are awful people.

Modern Art & PoliticsArrows
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Maria Conchita Lupita Gonzales call in after the second break, as she often does, to sing another song to Ray.  This time it is her rendition of "My Girl" cleverly changed to "My Ray."  She also explains why her voice drops a couple octaves sometimes.

Next we read a selection from a Penthouse from December 1980.  It's a delightful Forum letter about a young man's encounter with a ravenous Mail Lady.  Then we close out the show with talk of VHS porn tapes and how you can recognize a porn film from the 80's and 90's.  These defining characteristics would include:  Tan Lines.  Landing Strips.  Crazy Eyes.  Leg Warmers.  Soft Focus, which helps hide the herpes outbreaks.  Lots of plot.  Panning up to the guy when he's making his "O Face"  Zen then takes us out on the wrong foot when he embarrasingly reveals how he used to use two VCRs to dub better version of porn with the "Pan up to the guys face" removed.  Last thoughts - Scrambled Porn and the Crooked Hooter Channel.  If you dont know what we mean, look at the album art this episode

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