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The Double D Podcast

Apr 28, 2011

This episode we tackle the topic of dreams and dream interpretation.  While drunk.  This provides more honest and accurate discussion on the meanings of our dreams.  We think.

This was our first live broadcast from the new Double D Studio, located 50 feet from our old studio.  Now we're in the garage.  With the new setup and the beer fridge within 5 feet of our new broadcast desk, we celebrate by drinking . . . Bud Light Lime?!  Oh well.  We happen to be fans of "Fruiting the Beer" when the beer calls for it.  We wouldn't put limes in good beer, so don't get on our backs about it.  If you like an occasional lime also, check out this cool gadget brought to our attention by Jay from the chatroom: The Limebrero.

We decide that from now on we will refer to female listeners of the show as "Booblets" and male listeners as "Borrachos."  Until next week, that is, when we'll probably think of something else we like better.  Ray tells us the best way to send a bowling ball down the lane using only his penis, and Zen decides that we should use some of our monies to sponsor a bowling team.  The Double D Podcast Bowling Team coming soon.

We spend a little time talking about the pride of Flagstaff, Ted Danson, who called Flagstaff home while growing up.

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In the second segment we talk about Dreams.  Ray starts to tell a story about his father's recent dream and it's subsequent episode of domestic violence but this gets us spun into tangents discussing spouses sleeping in seperate beds and what our parents looked like having sex (Zen describes it as two black men with afros head-butting.)  Zen ponders why nobody ever farts in their dreams.  Why do people dream about losing their teeth?  And finally Zen shares his dream involving hamburger patties formed from pooping in your pants.

Joe calls in to lighten the mood with tales of dreams involving drowning and adultery with deceased friends.

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In the last segment Ray's live in maid Maria Conchita Lupita Gonzales calls in to serenade him with "Hooked on a Feeling."  We discuss our plans for the live show to be recorded at Joe's Dirty Thirty Birthday Bash in Kingman, Az on April 30th.

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