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The Double D Podcast

Apr 20, 2011

We start this episode off with some Rolling Rock, the tasty beer in the distinctive green bottle.  We meant to have these during Episode 33, as the big "33" on the back of the bottle would have tied in nicely, but like everything else we do on this show, we messed that up big time.

We thank Robert Mesa for sending in some cool new designs to our email.  We used one on a T shirt, which you can see (and buy!) by clicking here.  If you have any artwork, be sure to send it in at  To give our listeners more of an identity on the show, we come up with the term "Booblet" to refer to friends of the Double D.  This sidetracks the conversation into other terms of affection, such as "Flipopotamus" and "Spicketti."  We also announce plans for our new studio (which, if you've been watching the live show, you know has already happened.)  For some reason, there is a lot of chatter in the chatroom and on our Facebook page demanding we put a stripper pole in the new studio.  We're still working on it.  

Finally, in the first segment, we talk briefly about pagers.  We flash book to the good old days back in the late 80's/early 90's when the only way to get hold of your friends was to beep them and then wait for them to find a pay phone.  Or you could send a numeric message, such as "911", "143" or even the infamous "5318008"  We wonder what the heck the option is on today's cellphone voice mail when you are asked if you'd like to "leave a numeric page."  We wonder, that is, until Cousin Dave actually sends us one during the show!

First break song - Reel Big Fish performing Snoop Doggy Dog

Congratulations go out to the titular subject of this episode, Uncle Dave, Cousin Dave's dad and Biscuit Ray's uncle.  He bowled his first ever perfect game, called a "300" even though no Persians were defeated that night.  There were a lot of sweaty, muscled Spartans hanging out though.  This gets us on the subject of bowling, how hard it is to get a perfect score, and what the rewards for doing so are.  What exactly IS sterling silver?  We then take another trip in the wayback machine to November 1987, courtesy of an old copy of Penthouse.  Remarkably, this copy from 1987 had a crazy quote from none other than Charlie Sheen, and also had an incredibly accurate drawing of "the most interesting man in the world" from the Dos Equis commercials.  If you plan on being in attendance at Joe's Dirty 30 Birthday Bash in Kingman on April 30th, we'll be giving this Penthouse away!

TodayMike Zito
"Holding Out for Love" (mp3)
from "Today"
(Eclecto Groove Records)

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Maria Conchita Lupita Gonzales calls in briefly to serenade her Patron Ray Diaz with a little Unchained Melody.  We talk a little about this video, sent in by Robert Mesa, and that leads to the worst image imaginable when we discuss what the male equivalent of a childbirth orgasm would be.

Orgasm during Childbirth Video (click here to watch)

Finally we listen to and discuss the following video, which we dub The Worst Mashup Ever.  It is foul, wrong, way over the line and completely catchy with a great hook.

Cooking by the book video (click here to watch)

Simmer DownBreath of Fire
"Simmer Down" (mp3)
from "Simmer Down"
(Global Recording Artists)

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